Want to do some machine learning experiments, but do not have enough datasets to work on? 

We continue to compile lists of open earth data provided by various national data repositories and/or private oil and gas and energy companies. Access to these data are provided in the links below.

Here you can find las files, segys, formation tops, reports, and other subsurface data to your heart's content. 


  • National Offshore Petroleum Information Management System (NOPIMS)


The Netherlands

  • F3 Dataset compiled by Opendtect

If you also have additional open data to share that you would like us to add on this list, drop us a line!

And for those who have made the decision to generously provide these data for the public and the scientific community, a big thank you for paying it forward! 

For terms of data use, pls contact the original data providers. 

If you need assistance in:

  • Data Mining (download, cataloging, cleanup, quality control) and other data organization or automated data pre-processing sequence on these open data repositories

  • Creating  beautiful and functional Web-Based Geoscience Data Repositories

Please do send us a message at