EarthHack Joining Orientation today!

We just held the #EarthHack Joining Orientation today. We are very happy to report that the EarthHack community at this side of the world (Asia Pacific and environs), is growing. When we started to brainstorm about EarthHack with EAGE in late 2017, we really have no idea what to expect, and up until few months ago, we were challenged how to get everyone together and investigate this #machinelearninggeoscience thing-y, in a collaborative, fun and open environment.

In today’s telecon, we had participation from 25 earthhackers, with various backgrounds from geoscientists, coders, finance guys, a guy called cooldude (:) ), and more. The Slack EarthHack Community is counted at 107. Definitely theres a lot room for growth, and we look forward to more sharing, participations and discussions in the future.

The EAGE EarthHack Playbook can be found here:!AjtF2RTjovEvfaoBIs8fWOtkGGs

To find the list of themes, and look for fellow neurons, you may use the following link:!AjtF2RTjovEvchujVrqj18YOg5Q

The materials can also be found at the EAGE Official EarthHack page.

We also would like to thank the official sponsors: Microsoft, CGG, Aramco and collaborators: ADAX, LEAD, MDEC and Petronas for supporting this event.

At #EarthHack, All is allowed, except an: