What's new in ElasticDocs: Spatial filter in Search

This month, we have implemented a spatial filter in ElasticDocs will enable you to create an area of interest to do all your text and image searches on. The filter can be readily drawn on the map available in ElasticDocs’ Search view. The filter can be an n-sided polygon (top) or a standard rectangular shape (bottom).

spatial filter.png

To provide a deeper contextual reference in creating your spatial filter, we also made accessible the various spatial layers, such as bathymetry, basins, survey lines and others that are available in the WebGIS, present in the Search view’s map.

EAGE Big Data and Machine Learning Workshop, KL

Back to back with the EarthHack Hackathon, the EAGE BDML held last Feb 25-27, 2019 was a tech star-studded event, which saw the participation not only of the oil and gas majors and independents, the Big Techs such as Microsoft, Dell, NVIDIA came in full support as well.

At the workshop, Iraya CEO and Founder, Nina Marie Hernandez discusses the value proposition of ElasticDocs in New Ventures.

“New Ventures is a high-risk, high-capital intensive undertaking for oil and gas companies. Hence it is important to reduce the risk, and one way to reduce that risk is to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. ElasticDocs, through AI-enabled data mining of voluminous unstructured geoscientific data, supports that risk-reduction strategy”


ElasticDocs Norway : Giving life to old, yet extremely valuable geological data

Giving life to old yet very valuable geological data is one of the things that ElasticDocs is very good at. We have recently extracted 60,000 pages and 40,000 images of unstructured data from the Northern North Sea, Central Graben, More, Voring including ancient reports from the 70s. How much our geological understanding has changed, since then? Have you missed anything that is worth an exploratory look-back? Send us a note at info@irayaenergies.com, to find out. hashtag#northsea hashtag#norway hashtag#eage hashtag#unstructureddata hashtag#geology hashtag#ocr hashtag#nlp hashtag#elasticsearch hashtag#machinelearninggeoscience hashtag#irayaenergies hashtag#elasticdocs


EarthHack Joining Orientation today!

We just held the #EarthHack Joining Orientation today. We are very happy to report that the EarthHack community at this side of the world (Asia Pacific and environs), is growing. When we started to brainstorm about EarthHack with EAGE in late 2017, we really have no idea what to expect, and up until few months ago, we were challenged how to get everyone together and investigate this #machinelearninggeoscience thing-y, in a collaborative, fun and open environment.

In today’s telecon, we had participation from 25 earthhackers, with various backgrounds from geoscientists, coders, finance guys, a guy called cooldude (:) ), and more. The Slack EarthHack Community is counted at 107. Definitely theres a lot room for growth, and we look forward to more sharing, participations and discussions in the future.

The EAGE EarthHack Playbook can be found here:


To find the list of themes, and look for fellow neurons, you may use the following link: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AjtF2RTjovEvchujVrqj18YOg5Q

The materials can also be found at the EAGE Official EarthHack page.

We also would like to thank the official sponsors: Microsoft, CGG, Aramco and collaborators: ADAX, LEAD, MDEC and Petronas for supporting this event.

At #EarthHack, All is allowed, except an:


ElasticDocs Survey: WordClouds

We are testing out a Word Cloud feature on ElasticDocs, and we are making a survey whether the data that we extract are relevant, or not. Most are familiar with this colorful graphics, can they be useful? - the word cloud is a extraction of the most frequently occurring terms within a set of documents, and intended to provide a "general" grasp of the topics within a specified (geological) document. The extraction is unsupervised. The samples are extracted from Well Completion Reports in Australia. We would appreciate your feedback if you found them useful. Pls message us if you are interested to review the dataset,, at info@irayaenergies.com


Earth-Hack Updates

EAGE Earth-Hack Update: We will be holding the participant's Joining Orientation next week on 23rd January! We are quite pleased to see the Earth-Hack community growing, we have now more than 65 members from very few just several months ago. We've also received quite big support from various enterprise and kindly thank Microsoft for providing the cloud compute resources for this event. We will be coming up soon with the themes shortly! Give us a shout for any geoscience problematics you want to see tackled!

#machinelearninggeoscience #eage #earthhack #irayaenergies


Building the Machine Learning Community in Geoscience: EAGE Earth-Hack, Kuala Lumpur, Feb 2019

EAGE in collaboration with Iraya Energies is organizing the first Machine Learning Hackathon in energy geoscience in the region. Through this event, we aim to bring together industry experts, students, hackers, mentors, and geoscientists with love for the earth to explore machine learning techniques as a tool to solve industry problematics.

The EAGE ML Hackathon will be held on the 23-24 Feb, followed by the Symposium on 25-27 Feb, 2019.

Post your interests for the Hackathon here in Earth-Hack Slack workspace. We are working to build our community of earth-hackers around this region, and this is also a venue to discuss common machine-learning interests.

We welcome suggestions for problematics for the hackathon, and encourage sponsorship of open-source data that can be used by the participating teams.

EAGE link to this event can be found here.

For more information, pls do not hesitate to contact Nina Marie Hernandez at nmh@irayaenergies.com, or Irene Ng at ing@eage.org.

Hmmm just noticed, we have a lot of EAGE activities these days…

Iraya in EAGE Conference on Reservoir Geoscience in Kuala Lumpur on 3-5 December

We are pleased to announce that our technical paper on ElasticDocs, has been accepted to the EAGE Conference on Reservoir Geoscience, which is to be held on 3-5 December 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Title: ElasticDocs as an Automated Information Retrieval Platform for Unstructured Reservoir Data  Utilizing a Sequence of Smart Machine Learning Methods within a Hybrid Cloud Container

Presenter: Nina Marie Hernandez

Hope to see you there!