Applying machine learning in the domain of image classification and natural language processing

Big Data Analytics has long existed in the energy industry.

Rock physicists, geophysicists, geologists, production engineers and reservoir engineers plow through terabytes of data on a daily basis to decide where to drill the exploration well in a wildcat area, which block to drill the next production well, predict how much and how many years the reservoir is going to produce; all essential data for managers and executives to determine NPVs and ROI and making the business decisions to buy, sell or hold on to assets.

Currently, most of geosciences information are analyzed singly, or field-by-field. Regional or global studies are done but rarely, and is very time consuming.


Bringing machine learning to you

At Iraya Energies we are working to apply machine learning in the domain of image classification and natural language processing to help geoscientists analyze data faster, better, more accurately.

We are developing cross-functional solutions through the applications of artificial intelligence in geosciences, which will bring significant efficiency gains to drive down the cost of exploration and development in oil & gas and renewable energies.

Transform unstructured data to valuable knowledge

By combining strong oil and gas domain knowledge and big data with a high-end technology stack we:

  • Transform huge amount of geosciences data into ready-to-access information

  • Encode human domain expertise into geoscience software

  • Replace outdated platforms and leverage on most recent technological gains

We have successfully implemented this in the ElasticDocs cloud-deployed web-based data container and we share our world-class expertise through consulting services.